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The Scorch of a Skilten, Hardback

Now available soon in Hardback!

She used to live in an orphanage where she jumped out of windows to escape from dimwitted bullies and gullible supervisors. It was exasperating. That was before Professor Wordall invited her to attend the most prestigious school in The Major Land – the Snow Mountain Academy. For the first time in her life, she felt at home bashing animated wolves in the Fighting Arena, befriending a cheetah cub, and fending off vandals in the library with a steady supply of projectile staples. Now, though, she just found out that the whole school is a trap – a trap that whisks away two students every year to spy on the notorious Queen Muscaria. None of the students have ever returned, and they will remain hostages until a new student manages to free them from the queen’s stronghold. What’s worse, Clara was chosen as one of the spies this year. People think she won’t succeed, but she knows that surrender is not a choice. She knows that she can outmaneuver Muscaria and free her fellow schoolmates. The question is, will I be able to free myself?

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