We Are One: Stories of Soccer, Courage, and Hope from Nigeria

We Are One: Stories of Soccer, Courage, and Hope from Nigeria

Compiled by Adam Miles

A portion of proceeds from the sale of this eBook will benefit Bridges to America

Silver Dollar Press is pleased to offer our readers We Are One, our most recent collaboration with Bridges to America. We heard about an amazing journey that a Utah girls’ soccer team made this past March to visit and experience Nigeria, while using soccer, the universal sport, as a means to connect with girls in the African nation. The recollections in We Are One stem from journals that the girls had brought to Nigeria. We never could have imagined that the very next month after these journals were written that the world would hear about the kidnapping of girls exactly the same age as these girls from Utah. The dream of going to Nigeria was accomplished through the girls’ perseverance, and with the kidnapping looming at large, these girls want to help even more. With proceeds from this initial eBook and a forthcoming print version, they hope to raise scholarships for young Nigerian girls to have a safe school and amazing soccer opportunities.

Please help us make a difference in Nigeria.