Park City, Utah Entrepreneur Praises Summit County for Start-Up Support

Local entrepreneur thanks county for start-up support


In July 2012, I decided to take advantage of an opportunity to put all of my belongings in storage and travel for almost two months. My first stop was Park City. The day after I arrived I found myself running 18 miles along the Mid-Mountain Trail through glades of towering aspens. Within three days I made my first offer on a home with the help of local Realtor Greg Miner and by November, I finally owned a home again after losing my house in the Santa Barbara Tea Fire four years prior. I also filed the LLC for my start-up company, then Lucky Penny Press, in Utah that same month in 2012. As a single parent with one son off to college and another son who chose to spend his last two years at Park City High, I was intent on building my book publishing business, while at the same time being as present as possible for my teenage sons.


I have been fortunate to meet authors and illustrators here in Summit County, as well as a mentor, Jeff Jones, head of Economic Development. Jeff happened to be at a County Council meeting I attended. Since that meeting almost a year ago, Jeff has taken time to assist and inform me about the County's Ice House Entrepreneurship program in partnership with the Kauffman Foundation. I applied and am now one of nine students in the program.

It has been such an incredible experience at exactly the right time in the development of Lucky Penny Publishing. This is a thank-you to the County Council for offering this program, and a thank-you to Jeff Jones for facilitating it. We have learned so much about the entrepreneurial mindset rather than the nuts and bolts of building a business, and we also gained new friends and new mentors thanks to the Ice House Entrepreneurship program. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in starting or expanding his or her own business and sincerely hope that Summit County will continue to fund it in the future.

Melissa Marsted

Park City


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