About Us

As and founder and publisher of Lucky Penny Publications, I am honored to write about how we first started in 2008 and the paths we took to where we are today.

It really all began on the night of the Santa Barbara Tea Fire in November, 2008. My two boys, three pets and I lost nearly everything after having an hour to evacuate. After the fire a friend asked if I could do anything to start my life over, what would I do? Without hesitation, I wanted to finish self-publish a children's book, I was working on. I set my intentions and within a year that book was finished at the end of 2019. 

In March, 2010 the iPad was released, and I had the idea to start an eBook publishing company. TEN years ago! 

Over the years I have hit road blocks but as a long distance runner I have learned to go the distance. There is no giving up!

I am re-writing this now in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, and re-evaluating how far Lucky Penny has come in ten years and what's next? It's a time for us to believe in our dreams!

That has always been my personal mantra so what is your dream? What have you been waiting for you? Don't wait as we know life is short. Act now! The universe has your back! 

Read books, get out in nature and stay healthy!

Melissa Marsted

Park City, Utah

May, 2020