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A Kids' Book On Utah's National Parks

Melissa Marsted

"As a runner, a writer, an entrepreneur, a mother, and the proprietor of the lending library she set up outside her house, Melissa Marsted is the kind of person who seizes on the beauty of the world and the people in it. She came to Utah after a fire rousted her out of her California home and proceeded to embrace the red rocks, the snow-covered mountains, the open spaces, and the people, as if she were on a pilgrimage. The world needs more people like her." Lee Benson, author/journalist, Deseret News

The Tale of Five Pikas Coming in 2019!

Melissa Marsted

Tags books, children, climate change, national parks

Molly will teach readers all about pikas, including how they escape from other animals who hunt them, including Sierra Nevada red foxes, weasels, hawks, bobcats, and golden eagles. But what is an even greater danger to our pikas even more than all of these predators? Read The Tale of Five Pikas in 2019 to learn more about how changes in weather and climate are one of the biggest threats to our dear little pika’s way of life.

A Kids' Book on Utah's National Parks

Melissa Marsted

Tags books, children, luckypennypress, national parks

Melissa Marsted maintains her love for publishing and running

Melissa Marsted

Park City author and publisher Melissa Marsted's life changed when she turned 50 in 2015. Read More

Publisher to sign children’s book -

Melissa Marsted

Read more: Moab Times-Independent - Publisher to sign children s book June 2 at Dead Horse Point