Lucky Penny Publishing launches new Amazon print division with 12 new titles in print

Park City, UT—Lucky Penny Publishing, the innovative publisher of eBooks for children under the Lucky Penny Press imprint, and of biographies, memoirs, non-fiction and family histories under Silver Dollar Press, proudly announces the launch of an Amazon print division. Six of the publisher’s first softcover titles are by Santa Barbara-area authors: 14-year-old Nashat Zaman’s The Scorch of a Skiltena middle-grade adventure novel; peace activist Jolene DeLisa’s memoir, Under the Gingko Tree: A Passionate Woman's Story of Life, Love, Loss, and JoyOjai Valley News columnist Mel Bloom’s Letters to Bridgie, about a young girl’s correspondence with two voluble birdsSojourner Kincaid Rolle’s The Mellow Yellow Global Umbrellaa fanciful collection of beautifully illustrated poems by Santa Barbara’s poet laureate; and former Santa Barbara resident, Melissa Marsted’s Emily and the Shackleford Horses, about a girl’s infatuation with the wild horses of Shackleford Island off the coast of the Outer Banks, and Pablito and the Speckled Beara “hero’s journey” set along the Inca Trail in Peru, which was the first book published by Lucky Penny Publishing and illustrated by Santa Barbara artist, Ben Ciccati. Four more titles will be available on Amazon and in print before the end of the year -- The Extraordinary Pony, The Lucky Penny Christmas Story, The King’s Balloon, and Wildfire Chronicles—will be published later this month.

Marsted, who was a long-time Santa Barbara resident until her house burned down in the Santa Barbara Tea Fire relocated to Park City, Utah in 2013, and is the founder and CEO of the pioneering eBook—and now conventional—publishing company, Lucky Penny Publishing which includes the two imprints, Lucky Penny Press and Silver Dollar Press.

“We’re very excited to be able to offer these titles for our readers,” Marsted says. “Despite the growing popularity and convenience of eBooks for many situations—when you’re traveling, for example, and can take your entire library with you on a single device—a lot of readers still enjoy the familiarity and comfort of a conventional book. Now we can give them that option. We are also an affordable and efficient full-service publishing company with editing and design capabilities and can upload our author's works to multiple distribution sites. We also offer language translations and audio recordings at the request of our authors"

Amazon technology solves some of the challenges of conventional hardcopy publishing for small start-ups like Marsted’s. Quantities can be smaller than traditional print runs, for example, and Amazon handles distribution. (To purchase, visit and enter the title you are seeking in the Search bar.) Lucky Penny also plans to offer as many titles as possible at local bookstores, Marsted says, “so people can buy them on sight, without waiting. Now there is a new opportunity for same day delivery of these local titles with the new Amazon Isla Vista location,”

Like all Lucky Penny titlesa portion of Amazon book sales benefit the partner nonprofit associated with each title. Under the Gingko Tree, for example, benefits La Casa de Maria, while Letters to Bridgie benefits the Ventura County Humane Society and Along Came Hope benefits the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

For more information, visit Lucky Penny Publishing at and and follow Lucky Penny Press and Silver Dollar Press on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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