Finally! North Cascades National Park!

Almost exactly a year ago, I was on the road to research our newest book and was planning to make my first stop at North Cascades National Park, but the only road through the park, Highway 20, was closed due to multiple wildfires. I was determined to see the park and was fortunate to also get to see our long-time press release writer in Twisp, Washington and see a huge bald eagle nest gracing her property. 

I tried to see as much as I could along the way, but the only place to walk my dog, Clover, was along the Pacific Coast Trails which also cuts across Highway 20.

This photo was when I finally got to see Diablo Lake which our amazing illustrator, Cait Irwin, captured perfectly for our book.

I was drawn to flickers on my property as the bird to use as the primary character and narrator for this book, instead of the American Goldfinch which is the state bird of Washington.


By the way, it was over 90 degrees in the parking lot when this photo was taken so it was a rush to get back to the van for Clover!





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