Lucky Penny Publications

Building on A Legacy

Melissa Marsted comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. Her great grandfather was the inventor of the Erector Set, and her grandmother owned a children’s toy store. After losing her house in the 2008 Santa Barbara wildfire, Melissa moved to Park City for a fresh start to focus on building her publishing business. Lucky Penny Publications, LLC was originally a full service publishing company that included ebooks and print-on-demand soft and hardcover books.

In November of 2015 while running her second 50k, she came up with an idea to start a series of children's books about the national parks while continuing the themes of nurturing creativity, imagination and a love of the outdoors in young people. The series is now called Wildlife Adventures for Young Readers with eight completed books and two more in the works. 

The name Lucky Penny Press comes from the two fully intact piggy banks that were found in Melissa’s oldest son’s room after the fire and the pennies she picks up on her runs. Finding pennies and other coins are now signs for Melissa to trust her intuition, live life to its fullest, and believing that she is living her life's purpose.

Inspiring. Adventurous. Nature-oriented. Educational. Creative. Stories.

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